Underground Fireline Repair and Service Components

Underground Fireline Repair and Service Components

Underground Fireline Repair and Service Components

Understanding Underground Fireline Repair and Service Components. Firstly, the fire line is a non-drinking water system typically designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential commercial projects with the demand for fire protection. A system of underground fire lines is different from a drinking water system; water does not circulate. Basically, underground firelines only activate when necessary to combat a fire correspondingly. By comparison, the various components that make up an underground fire system are similar to each other.

To enumerate, there are five (5) general components of an underground fire system:

  • Supply and connections
  • Detector check assemblies
  • Underground piping
  • Fire department connections/post indicator valves and
  • Fire hydrants

Underground Fireline Requirements

General Requirements:

  • All subway lines start at the point of connection to the main public / private working water underground. The underground service line fire may be isolated from the public/ private network water distribution system through an isolated valve. 
  • Underground piping should be at least 10 feet away from all other utilities and in a separate trench. The underground pipe within 5 meters of the building can be combined with other loads for the entrance building.
  • A maximum of 5 feet metro lines ending at the top of the joint inside the building and 1 foot above the finished floor.
  • Every ductile cast iron, support rods, and other corrosion resistant components must be externally or poly coated.
  • All underground piping must be a Class 200 DRI4 minimum or higher.
  • The water supply must comply with the requirements of the respective standards. However,  designing any fire protection system includes the minimum safety factor of 5 psi at 20 psi remaining in the urban network.
  • The test of water supply for the hydraulic design of fire protection systems is evidenced by the Division Fire Marshal Division. The results of the flow test should be within one year of the irrigation plan. The drawings should indicate the exact location of the static/residual hydrant and flow. All presentations of the fire protection plan shall be accompanied by a water flow test report provided by the Fire Marshal Division.

Specific Purpose of an Underground  Fireline System

The purpose of the fire line is to ensure that an adequate amount of water from a reliable source is provided for the use of the control service. Besides, the permit provides for the review of ground fire and field inspections. All these ensuring the equipment and installation to an acceptable standard. Furthermore, experts should advise the best Underground Fireline Repair and Service Components. Learn about New Constructions.

NOTE: The fire lines should be visible during the hydrostatic test. The axial load of the tube is acceptable; However, all joints, valves, thrust blocks, and equipment, must be visible. Usually, do not cover the flame line before the inspection approval. The fireline fire service inspection consists of the fire line lines from the supply interior / outside the building to the point of connection for supplying feed water to the road or the central water ring. Also, if a Fire Department connection is installed connected remotely, the pipeline check of the fire line of the building for the distance from the Fire Department’s power connection is required.  In the event of an emergency, Underground Fireline Repair contact Hughes Excavating, LLC now! Call us to know more about the Underground Fireline Repair and Service Components. 

Underground Fireline Repair 

Water is one of the best media to cope with the intense task of fire extinguishing. Although there are numerous alternatives for use within fire control, water by an active fire extinguishing method is still high on the list because the water cools the source of fire fuel and reducing the heat to overcome and extinguish the fire, thereby protecting its businesses and assets, regardless of their industry. Therefore ongoing Underground Fireline Repair and Service will ensure the systems function. 

A well-designed water supply fire line is essential to save its assets by providing the proper amount of water to overcome the fire in the right amount of pressure and time. Fire suppression is the object of the water supply system.

The best way to ensure the minimum fireline repair is to install the fireline system correctly. Find out how we can help with your fire line construction HERE. Fire Sprinkler Permits

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