Step by Step Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping Process

An overview of Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping Process

Fire Protection Systems and Underground Piping for fire hydrants and fire sprinklers supply lines, need to comply with several requirements. Fire protection systems generally function with different parts into play. They have to be well thought out and strong, taking into account all the necessary factors.


Underground areas present great access-difficulties and unknowns. After all, the underground piping options should provide the utmost resistance and durability to avoid future repairs.


The design for the piping should consider, weather patterns, type of terrain,  and any adjacent structures that might be affected.


When we partner with sprinkler system companies and other fire protection specialists we follow these steps to assure the highest quality underground system design, the best equipment, and trenching plan specific for the project.

 Evaluate city requirements for Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping

Each city has its rules, we make sure we know what we need to do to meet all the requirements and perform pertinent tests. We definitely make sure to be up to date with the requirements and the latest information. Our specialty is underground fire and we live by that goal.

 Site evaluation and finding the water main








During the site evaluation, we determine the location of the water main, as the pivotal point to begin. Then we look for riser rooms and other utilities. Before we start we make sure to outline all the information to choose an execution plan considering all the risk factors.

We work with the civil engineer to create the design plan

Many professionals and a civil engineer work together to create the final design plan.  Given all of the findings and evaluations at the moment he will choose the best design for the particular job.

Submit the Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping design plan to the city

Consequently, we make sure we obtain all the permits and submit our piping plan to the pertinent authorities. If you want to know more in detail, read the City of Rockwall Guidelines for Underground Water Supply Systems.

Initial City inspection on site

Following the plan submittals and necessary paperwork, the city performs an initial inspection. Thus the inspector needs to make sure everything will run smoothly and work correctly. Finally, with this, the city assures the plan meets all the required on site and we can begin the excavation.

The Excavation process begins

We start by digging the trenches and choosing the appropriate equipment.

Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping

Then we install the blue brute pipe center load the pipe as required.

Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping

We proceed to install the thrust blocks as needed, we detail the trenches and finally make a full clean up of the area.

Finish with all the testing required for Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping

To ensure that everything is working correctly and up to code, the testing process starts with the Pre-pour Inspection, continues with Hydrostatic Testing and finally a Flush inspection.

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