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We offer services related to underground fire protection, underground fireline installation, and piping in the Dallas Metroplex.  Above all, we hold the highest standards to provide a fast and reliable service.  When it comes to fireline emergencies, fire-hydrant repair, regular underground piping inspection, and service; we hold the Turn-key provision of Underground Fire Protection Services. underground fire protection system services

It is a matter of public safety

We understand the importance of having an emergency service as it is a fire protection system. Underground firelines with non-potable water, supply the emergency systems with the appropriate flow to control fires.
The safety of people in case of emergency depends upon the correct installation and functioning of the underground fire protection system as well as the sprinkler system or fire hydrants. A must have for commercial buildings. We carefully plan all aspects from the fireline design to he execution.

Therefore, we focus our efforts on finding the best and latest excavating and testing equipment a for underground fire protection. Our inspections are thorough, and you can be sure, when we leave your building, the systems will work seamlessly.

We do not leave your side

Additionally, we take care of scheduled maintenance and testing. Expect us to be at your emergency within 24 hours of your call. Trust us with your New construction, commercial building for the installation of underground firelines and piping. We are through with the service and maintenance of your current fire protection system. Call us any in case of emergency.

Trust our Dallas Metroplex experts. Our technicians and field team will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. Our company has built relationships with the Dallas community for over 2o years. Hundreds of contractors have confidence in our work!