Emergency Fireline Service:

Call us after a fire emergency or if you notice any leaks or damages to your underground fire protection system and pipelines.

Fireline Maintenance and Repair

Servicing and maintaining your underground fire system is our specialty. No matter your system's design, brands or age we can help make sure your investment is protected 24 hours a day. We are here to help you develop creative solutions to maintain, upgrade or even replace entire fire line systems so your most important investment, your business, is protected.

For Emergency Service Call: 888-862-3133tel:+18888623133

Our Fireline Emergency Service

Our team of experts at Hughes Excavating LLC has demonstrated over the years to be the best resource when it comes to any underground fire system emergency. They have done it all, from schools to hospitals, office buildings, etc. We plan all of our moves and we spend our time designing before executing, to assure everything we build will last.
Within 24 hours of your emergency or less. We will be there to team up with fireman and fix the mess after an emergency. We reconnect pipes, fix busted pipes, perform tests and make sure your fireline pipes work properly.
We know your place of business needs to maintain as much functionality as possible so we move around you and do our best to perform a clean and fast fix for your underground fire protection system emergency.
The crew demands the best tools to perform an impeccable well executed job, we understand our responsibility as an emergency systems repair contractor. Our technology will assure your property and all the underground components are safe and undisturbed.
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Turn-key Provision of Underground Fire Protection

Turn-key Provision of Underground Fire Protection Services means Hughes Excavating, LLC is the best choice in emergency fire line repair service

Fully Licensed

Our team is fully licensed and insured for your protection. Don't trust your business to anyone but Hughes Excavating, LLC