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Underground Fireline Repair and Maintenance:

Our team of professionals is here to provide you with the best in emergency fire line service found anywhere at any level.

Underground Fireline Repair. Your Underground Fireline needs to be ready and functioning in case of an emergency. Firelines with a thoughtful design, durable materials, and a group of expert installers, should last for many years. Though,  all commercial buildings should take preventive measures to ensure there are no leaks, breakages or blockages in the underground firelines.

Servicing and maintaining your underground fire system is our specialty. No matter your system's design, brands or age, we help make sure to protect your investment 24 hours a day. We are here to help you develop creative solutions to maintain, upgrade or even replace entire fire line systems. 

Our services include a vast array of design, experience, and installation.  

We focus on building a successful fire protection delivery system for your commercial or industrial building. Hence we save you time, money and frustration.

Underground Fireline Repair

When it comes to underground fireline repair and service Hughes Excavating, LLC is your best choice for overall protection, delivery, and design. Although there are many alternatives for use in fire control, water via an active fire sprinkler method is still at the top of the list because water cools the fuel source of the fire and this reduction in heat will overcome and extinguish the fire resulting in protection of your business and assets no matter your industry. A well-designed fireline water supply is critical to saving your assets by providing the appropriate amount of water to overcome the fire at the correct amount of pressure and time. Fire suppression is the purpose of the water supply system.

Underground Fireline Service and Maintenance

Your building and structures are at the mercy of the weather and land shifting. If you have an underground fire protection system it should also receive regular monitoring and testing to ensure its functioning. Certainly, our experts will ensure you know the appropriate maintenance schedule for your particular system. Practically, it all depends upon the materials, the year built, length and terrain.

Our Commitment

We help identify the best means of installation for fire lines from new construction, existing fire service or even a full upgrade. We recognize and handle every aspect of securing your building from start to finish. And finally we will always show up, finish on time, and in budget.

Broken and Leaking Fireline Pipes

Correct design can help with getting the right equipment in the right areas. Before you can get any Underground Fire Line Repair, you’ll need to first have piping in the right areas. Correct design requires connections to be kept underground, and within distances that are safe. That means keeping away from underground service lines such as sewage, metro lines, support rods, and more. Very specific types of piping are also needed, as underground pipes need to be no less than Class 200 DRI4.

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