Hydro excavation and air vacuum excavation gives solutions to the most treacherous underground fire protection digging jobs.  Here at Hughes Excavating, we love to have the latest equipment to provide the best service. As excavating and digging become increasingly difficult thanks to the never-ending lines of underground services, we see technological solutions coming to hand. The Vac Tron, an excavator like no other, saves Hughes and our customers time and money!

"We are undeniably the most comprehensive underground fire excavation crew, to execute the design of any fire protection system in the Dallas Metroplex. The best compliment to all the fire sprinkler and fire protection experts."

-Doug Hughes

Electric lines, plumbing, gas, telecommunications, lines of petrochemical sewage, lines, lines, lines! These jobs, usually performed by hand digging, would take an exhausting amount of working hours. Besides, electric lines and such, potentially put our associates at risk. Hydro excavation and air vacuum excavation though can perform these tasks in a fraction of the time. The best part of all, the excavator does its job without unnecessarily exposing anyone to danger. Luckily, we stumbled upon the versatile hydro excavator from Vac Tron, and it became the go-to-excavator for any tricky request or underground fire emergency.

How Does a Hydro Excavator Work?

Hydro excavators combine pressurized water and air to carefully and precisely dig trenches. The water basically breaks the soil for the vacuum to dispose of it. 

How Does the Air Vacuum Work?

The air vacuum uses pressurized air to soften the soil and then uses the vacuum for disposal.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation and Air Vacuum Excavation

We can be very precise in measurements like diameter and depth when we dig.
We can easily manipulate the debris to re-use or place somewhere appropriate.
We do not need to use abrasive techniques that would put human life at risk.
We decreased the turnout time for a tricky request or an emergency thus saving us and our costumers money.
Hydro Excavation and Air Vacuum Excavation

The Best Underground Fireline Emergency Service in Texas!

The Vac Tron, our top of the line technology, and our willingness to stay up to date with the latest tools are the reasons why you should always trust Hughes Excavating. Our customers' satisfaction is our number one priority and knowing that we help to make buildings safe for people.