The Importance of Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention systems stop water from going against the desired flow. These valves are necessary and sometimes mandatory for different reasons.
First, they prevent contamination. Most importantly though, they maintain the water pressure in the fireline pipes assuring the proper functioning of the underground fire prevention system.

Underground Backflow Prevention Installation and Service

Our crews are professionally equipped with everything needed to complete your project from start to finish, including excavators, skid loader, equipment transportation, jackhammers, ditch pumps, remote generators, test pumps, and barricade plans.

We initiate Dig Tess and contact the City Water Department for water shut off, main size, and other requirements. We provide barricade plans and barricades for public safety.

  • We provide all concrete work including thrust blocks and repair of roads, sidewalks, and floor.
  • We take care of sand, rock, road base, haul off, clean up and asphalt repair.
  • We guarantee our finished work and perform all required final flushing and testing.


Our Warranty

We offer a one year warranty on our work. Rest with confidence, we will stand behind all our work and we are only a phone call away.

Underground Fire Protection Services

The most comprehensive Underground Fire Protection Services means Hughes Excavating, LLC is the best choice in emergency fireline repair service.

We are licenced

Our team is fully licensed and insured for your protection. Don't trust your business to anyone but Hughes Excavating, LLC.

Backflow Prevention Underground Vault Service

Backflow Prevention Underground Vaults must function correctly for the Fire Prevention System to work. These confined spaces, many times underground, have restrictive working area and points of entrance. The difficult access requires appropriate equipment and an expert crew. Trust us with your Backflow Vault reparations and service. Our dedicated team will take the responsibility upon themselves to do their best work without compromising the integrity of your adjacent buildings and other underground works or connections.

We have all the permits, and top of the line equipment with extensive experience in the Dallas Metroplex. Check out the US labor laws for confined spaces.

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Ongoing Changing Standards

Backflow prevention systems standards continuously change with shifts in government administration and other factors. We will go to the source and verify for you. Our expert hands will assure everything complies to the latest standards for underground construction and backflow regulations.