Step by Step Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping Process

An overview of Fire Protection Systems Underground Piping Process

Fire Protection Systems and Underground Piping for fire hydrants and fire sprinklers supply lines, need to comply with several requirements. Fire protection systems generally function with different parts into play. They have to be well thought out and strong, taking into account all the necessary factors.


Underground areas present great access-difficulties and unknowns. After all, the underground piping options should provide the utmost resistance and durability to avoid future repairs.


The design for the piping should consider, weather patterns, type of terrain,  and any adjacent structures that might be affected.

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The Importance of the Fireline Design

Fireline Repair

The Importance of the Fireline Design in the Fireline Installation Process

Focusing on Fireline design will save you money, time, and headaches in the long run.  All in all, Fireline piping is one of the most critical elements that firefighters and construction companies use to protect the public. The lines, often placed underground, away from sight, make up the first defense against a fire. Many times, the pipes connect directly to sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, and more. Most importantly, these non-potable water systems help to combat fires. For one thing, they get fires under control and managed before they take out large sections of a building. Read more “The Importance of the Fireline Design”